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Why CCTV Cameras Are the Best Way to Diagnose Drain Problems

There are so many great things about being human, right? The ability to pursue careers, the potential to create families and even the opportunity to buy a new home. But there are a couple of bad things as well. For example, not being able to fly from one area to the next can be a little irritating. Then there’s the fact that no matter how hard we try, we simply can’t shrink down to a more convenient size when needed.

And why would you need to do that, exactly?

To get to grips with the cause of your blocked drain, of course! One of the main problems about growing to adult height is that we can’t always get into our drainage systems. As you might imagine this can be particularly tricky if we ever find ourselves coming face with the symptoms of a blockage, a leakage, or general damage to pipework. But fret not as there is a solution – a CCTV drain camera.

What do these devices do?

Well, if you imagine a regular CCTV camera for a minute, you’ll undoubtedly be envisioning devices mounted on walls, safeguarding your home from intruders and unprecedented events. CCTV drain cameras work in much the same way as regular devices – albeit with an alternative purpose. Instead of monitoring your home or assets, they can be used to slide into pipework and gauge the severity of a condition that might be present.

Let’s imagine that you’ve spotted damp within a wall. You’ve checked the roof and everything’s as expected, but the spreading seems to be getting worse and worse. This could be as a result of a leak in a pipe and what better way to identify where it might be happening than with a telescopic camera that literally climbs through your pipework? In these events our pipe relining technology can fix the problem permanently (and we even off a 20 year guarantee!).

Other uses of CCTV cameras for drains

It’s not just leaks that can be addressed, but blockages as well. If you’ve noticed that your sink seems to be backing up it might be suffering with a blockage, but unless you’re sure you might not know how best to treat it. By inserting a CCTV camera, we’ll be able to locate the size and shape of the blockage and then introduce measures to get it shifted (such as with a high pressure water jet).

To say that cameras are just for observing would be to undersell their true potential. The types that we use are fitted to lengthy cables and can be passed down even the tightest of pipework – making it easier to identify drain problems and take care of the matter with minimal fuss!