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Why High Pressure Water Jetting is the Best Method for Cleaning Drains

Here at Fluid H2O, we’re often receiving enquiries from our clients about cleaning drains. Try as they might, there’s simply no stopping dirt, hair, oil and other debris from running into pipes and sinks, before building up and causing blockages. Sure, you could always ignore the signs of a blockage and hope that it goes away on its own, but did you know that this could actually make matters worse?

Why exactly?

Well, not only can the common causes of a blockage take ages to breakdown; some will simply sit there and gather more debris as time goes by! So, what can you do exactly? We wouldn’t suggest passing a metal hanger into your drain, because this could actually damage the pipes. Yelling won’t work either, because hair isn’t easily intimidated. But what you could do is get in touch with our experts and have them attend your property with a true powerhouse of drain cleaning potential.

What? Tell us more!

Have you heard about high-pressure water jet cleaners before? Perhaps, but have you ever considered their potential when it comes to cleaning your drains? They work by emitting an incredibly high-powered stream of water, capable of breaking down even the most stubborn obstacles in its path. Our team specialise in their use when it comes to cleaning drains and our experienced operators deliver the most efficient cleaning speed using a variety of nozzles and advanced cleaning attachments.

In fact, we’d go as far as to say that this technology offers one of the best, if not the best, method for cleaning drains. Over the years, we’ve used them to break down blockages and shift the debris in a way that it can be disposed of naturally. Unlike other techniques that can simply cause build-ups to travel from one location to another, a high-pressure water jet can actually rip apart the cause of a blockage at the source.

But what if it’s not a blockage that you’re dealing with?

Ah, then you may be one of the several thousand Australians that come face to face with a compulsive cleaner’s nightmare; dried on dirt and grime. Our drains are exposed to all sorts of chemicals and liquids – and over time, these formulas can start to take their toll.

In these cases, a high-powered pressure washer can help by breaking these particles down and removing them; often revealing a smooth, shiny surface underneath that you may have forgotten even existed! If the blockage is caused by something more stubborn like concrete, we can remove that too using our robotic cutting equipment.

If you have a plumbing emergency or just want to learn more about our preventative drain cleaning services or any other of our plumbing services why not get in touch with our team today? We’re always happy to offer help and advice, so what do you have to lose?