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Why There Are So Many Problems with Tree Roots and Blocked Drains in Sydney

You might not know this, but the soil in Sydney consists of what is known in the agricultural industry as Gymea Soil. What is this ridiculous term, you ask? Well, it’s the name given to a type of infertile soil that’s present within a vast range of land across New South Wales. Now, you might have noticed that we underlined the word infertile – and for good reason! This type of soil can make it very hard for plants and trees to grow; and those that do are often forced to source alternative nourishment.

So, what are we getting at here?

You might be wondering what on earth our friendly plumbing services might have to do with soil and if you are, here’s an explanation that might knock your socks off. Did you know that tree roots actually pose some of the highest rates of concern for home owners and their plumbing? According to the Soil Conservation Service of NSW (or the SCS as they are commonly referred to), the low quality soil plays a major role in tree root reach.

This is because of the roots not always being able to obtain the nutrients that they need in order to grow, and this can result in them venturing into regions that we’d prefer they didn’t! In their quest for nutrition, roots have been known to burst out of cement, grow within walls and even through pipes – and this is when you end up with blocked drains. Even if you planted a tree as a sapling, this stunning element of Mother Nature could soon come back to bite you.

Can anything be done about these events?

Of course! Especially if you hire honest, transparent and trusted plumbing services in Sydney. At FluidH2O, we specialise in cleaning drains and pipes quickly and effectively to keep blocked drains at bay for as long as possible. Even the most extensive of root damage can be repaired and rectified in next to no time by our pipe relining professionals.

But is it just the soil that can cause somewhat of a nuisance? Well, believe it or not, our lovely climate can play a role as well. For example, the rainy season can help roots to receive nourishment to some extent; but when it’s sunny and photosynthesis can take place to its fullest potential is when trees can really spread their roots out of hand. Why not hire our team of plumbing experts to help?

With our high powered jet cleaning equipment we will get your blocked drain cleaned in no time. If your drains have sustained any damage we can help with that too. Just give us a call and one of our experienced plumbers will be there to provide you with a free quote. So you’ll get to enjoy peace of mind in next to no time!