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toilet repairs

Taps and Toilets

Toilet Repair & Servicing

As bathroom plumbing specialists we can help you with toilet repair, servicing and installation. If you’re looking for a specific toilet we can help you. Some common toilet problems that we repair regularly include:

  • running toilet
  • toilet not flushing properly
  • toilet not filling properly
  • toilet pan is leaking from the bottom seal
  • buttons broken on cistern
  • toilet seat awry

Tap Repair & Servicing

You’re busy enough without having to worry about dripping taps and running toilets. Our tap and toilet service department is here to help. Some common tap problems that we fix every day include:

  • dripping taps 
  • noisy taps
  • taps that leak around the handle
  • taps that are too hard to turn off
  • taps that are falling off

We can repair most tap makes and models but if a replacement tap is required our plumbers carry a basic range of taps on board for plumbing emergencies. If you’re looking for a more specific tap our customer service department can assist you.

Save money & water

As enviro plumbers we recommend installing water saving devices to reduce your water consumption. Products like 4 star rated toilets and WELS-approved tap ware and shower heads. We’re licensed to install these innovative plumbing devices, and many more.

Of course, we can also stop your taps from dripping, which can save you up to 24,000 litres of water every year and a nasty excess water bill from Sydney Water. That’s more than an average household uses in a month! Not to mention identifying cracks in your hot/cold water service, fixing leaking toilets and repairing leaking pipes.

Need a tap service or toilet repair?

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